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Jolly Prize H Pittman Double yellow and white Dark green plain
Jolly Prize (H. Pittman) Double yellow and white. Dark green, plain. Semiminiature (TX Hyb) | Orchids and Violets | Orchids, Yellow и Houseplants.
Моя давняя любовь.
Jolly Prize (H. Pittman), Геснериевые от Ulmo, Фиалки, форум. "
... Изображение
Jolly Sun Chaser (H. Pittman) Double white and yellow. Dark green,
Warm Sunshine (9546) 12/17/2005 (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses/P. Sorano) Semidouble-double pale yellow star. Dark green, plain, spooned. Standard.
Jolly Prize (H. Pittman) Double yellow and white. Dark green, plain. Semiminiature
Фиалка Jolly Prize (H. Pittman)
Sunkissed Rose (9545) 12/17/2005 (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses/D. Herringshaw) Double pale yellow ruffled star/darker eye, thin pink edge on center petals.
Jolly Prize (H. Pittman) Double yellow and white. Dark green, plain. Semiminiature
Jolly Sunburst-(H. Pittman) Double cream, white and yellow. Dark green slightly wavy foliage.
Jolly Dear (9713) 01/15/2007 (H. Pittman) Double
Susie Sunshine (S. Sorano) Single-semidouble white wavy star/dark yellow markings, hot pink edge. Medium green, plain. Standard.
Jolly Sun Chaser
Jolly Sailor (9914) 03/07/2008 (H. Pittman) Single-semidouble white and blue pansy. Medium green, plain. Miniature
African violet Jolly Gold ( yellow AV plant with buds) | eBay
Jolly Moonflower (H. Pittman) Double white/yellow markings. Dark green,
Dark green. Standard. Image
The flower eye shines with a darker yellow blush. The medium green, standard foliage is serrated and quilted.
Jolly Blue Clouds
Lemon Drop (S. Sorano) Double yellow and white pansy.
Country Romance (9263) 08/14/2003 (H. Pittman) Semidouble-double pink frilled . Crown variegated medium green, cream and pink, plain. Semiminiature
Jolly Fireball (H. Pittman) Semidouble to double red. Dark green, plain. Semiminiature
Jolly Glory (H. Pittman) Semidouble pink/variable white edge. Medium green, plain, serrated. Semiminiature
Jolly Dazzler
Jolly Star
Jolly Dear (9713) 1/15/2007 (H. Pittman) Double pink/white edge. Dark green, plain. Semiminiature
Jolly Peach (10021) 12/06/2008 (H. Pittman) Semidouble peach-pink pansy. Dark green, plain. Semiminiature
Jolly Maiden
Variegated green and white, plain. Semiminiature. Image
Jolly Cutie Pie (9712) 01/15/2007 (H. Pittman) Single-semidouble pink pansy. Dark green, plain, pointed, glossy. Miniature
Miniature (TX Hyb) JOLLY EYES (9906) 03/07/2008 (
Jolly Maiden
Jolly Mischief (9911) 03/07/2008 (H. Pittman) Semidouble white pansy/rose markings. Medium green, plain. Semiminiature
Jolly Prize Pflanze/plant African Violet Usambaraveilchen
Robs Dodo Bird Perennial Flowering Plants, Herbaceous Perennials, Saintpaulia, African Violet, Houseplants
Jolly Maiden (H. Pittman) - AVSA Registration: 10011 Single-semidouble white star with fuchsia fantasy, wide fuchsia edge.
Definitely Darryl 7474,1/18/91,H. Pittman Double medium blue
African Violet ~ Jolly Gala ~ Two Leaves
Jolly Frills (H. Pittman)
Jolly Frills (H.Pittman)
Large SUSIE SUNSHINE (Lyons)- Single and semidouble stars of white, edged in
African Violet 'Jolly Orchid'. Double orchid and white blooms. Quilted, medium
Lilian Sparkler (E. Mosaic variegated dark green and pink, plain.
Jolly Imp (H.Pittman) Double pink/green edge. Medium green,
Gehr) semidouble red-wine large star wit vivid red eye. Variegated green and
Standard trailer MARION'S ENCHANTED TRAIL-(8478) 07/29/1996 (H
LE-Sashen'ka (10273) 02/01/2010 (E. Lebetskaia) Semidouble-double pale peach-pink large ruffled star/yellow shading. Dark green, wavy. Standard (Russ/Ukr).
African violet plant LEAF leaves cutting KRISTIS SPUNK
African Violet * Jolly Jubilee T8
Jolly Orchid
Dean's Sonata (8356) 02/10/1996 (C. Hobbs/H. Hobbs) Single light blue pansy. Mosaic variegated green and white, plain. Semiminiature (TX Hyb)
Variegated medium green and ivory, plain.
Jolly Jan (10727) 11/24/2014 (H. Pittman) Semidouble-double burgundy-red two-tone pansy. Dark green, pointed, quilted. Semiminiature
Baby Violets - African Violets
Morev) Semidouble-double pink frilled pansy/raspberry top petals, band; yellow
Jolly Lilac (10456) 11/21/2011 (H. Pittman) Single-semidouble lavender pansy/darker eye. Dark green, plain. Semiminiature (DAVS 1726, TX Hyb)
African violet Jolly Snow White live plant in pot
Pirate's Gold (S. Sorano) Double white fluted star/lemon-yellow blush. Medium green, quilted, wavy. Standard
Jolly Mars (9718) 01/15/2007 (H. Pittman) Single
Jolly Prince 2011 (H. Crown variegated dark green and gold, plain.
Painted Silk (J. Stokes) Dark blue, single to semi double flowers on slightly variegated light green girl-type foliage.
Jolly Bells Pflanze/plant African Violet Usambaraweilchen
African Violet PLUG - Jolly Prize
African Violet Jolly Bambino (Pittman) ,starter plant in 3 oz cup .Miniature
Jolly Fireball. (H. Pittman) Semi-double to double red blossoms.
Jolly Disco: This is a Miniature variety known as Jolly Disco. The flowers are pink in color with a white edge and double in type. The leaves are dark green ...
Variegated dark green, mauve and white, plain. Large. Donnelle (H. Pittman) Double ...
Donnelle (H. Pittman) Double pink/fuchsia edge. Variegated dark green and white. Semiminiature (DAVS 1525, TX Hyb)
Jolly Prize
senks-long-legs-Mauve star shaped flowers, semidouble-double in type
Bashful (S. Sorano) Mounds of semidouble-double white pansy/fuchsia mottling. Medium green, ovate, quilted, forms a perfect rosette.
Jolly Maiden (H. Pittman) African Violet, Violets, Orchids, Pansies,
African Violet * Jolly Red T9
Fantasy Bells (H. Pittman) Semidouble pink and raspberry bell. Variegated dark green and white. Miniature (DAVS 1456, TX Hyb)
Apache Gem Apache Gem (8216) 07/03/1995 (J. Munk) Semidouble lavender wavy pansy/darker shading. Variegated dark green, white and pink, wavy.
Jolly Orchid (9719) 01/15/2007 (H. Pittman) Double
NEW Catalog - Holiday 2012 (2.76mb) - The Old Map Gallery
Smith) Semidouble light blue pansy/darker top petals, green frilled edge. Medium
2 fresh cut leaves of african violet Jolly Sailor
Harmony's Frilly Girl (Harmony Greenhouse) Double dark blue/red frilled. Green, quilted girl foliage. Standard
*RED CLOUD-(Stork) Semidouble red blossoms over medium green quilted foliage.
Featured violet: Rob's Gray Ghost
Senk's Big Bells (R. Follett/D.
Jolly Eyes
Lakeshore Silver (J. Brownlie) Semidouble pink two-tone sticktite pansy. Variegated green and white, plain, pointed, serrated.
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All About African Violets Episode 3.006
Jolly Disco: This is a Miniature variety known as Jolly Disco. The flowers are pink in color with a white edge and double in type. The leaves are dark green ...
Buckeye Befuddled (9054) 06/25/2001 (P. Hancock) Semidouble-double light lavender-pink large ruffled pansy/dark purple and raspberry fantasy, ...
Ness' Satin Rose AVSA Registration: 8144 Double rose mauve two tone star. Dark green quilted scalloped foliage with red back.