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Levant cloud forming against the eastern cliffs of the Rock of Gibraltar
The sheer east side of the Rock of Gibraltar
Gibraltar from the air, looking north-west
Strait of Gibraltar. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Rock of Gibraltar's North Front cliff face from Bayside (c.1810) showing the embrasures in the Rock
Rock of Gibraltar northwest.jpg
View of the Rock of Gibraltar from the Mediterranean Steps
File:Rock of Gibraltar.jpg
Europa Point as seen from the Strait of Gibraltar.
... Spain: Algeciras (top centre across Bay of Gibraltar) and La Linea (right); Gibraltar cruise port and airport runway (right foreground); from the Rock
An enlargeable satellite image of the Bay of Gibraltar
Windmill Hill (Gibraltar). From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Strait of Gibraltar perspective (the Rif on the right and Andalusia on the left)
Sandy Bay, Gibraltar. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A Barbary macaque sitting on a fence at the Gibraltar Cable Car top station.
View of North Africa across the Strait of Gibraltar as seen from The Rock.
The Rock of Gibraltar (2010)
Westside, Gibraltar. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Military history of Gibraltar during World War II. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Buildings of the former HM Dockyard, Gibraltar, dating from the 1895 expansion
Strange Airport: Gibraltar, World's Only Airport Runway Intersecting a Road
Barbary macaques in Gibraltar. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
File:Ocean Village berths with rock behind.jpg
1704 - Louis Boudan - Taking of Gibraltar.jpg
The Gibraltar Cable Car runs from outside the Gibraltar Botanic Gardens to the top of the Rock.
Catalan Bay (La Caleta) in the late 1800s.jpg
Shown here during the Second World War, a Douglas Dakota of BOAC is silhouetted at Gibraltar by the batteries of searchlights on the Rock, as crews prepare ...
Gibraltar Limestone. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Although the Barbary macaques form part of tourism in Gibraltar, direct contact with them (as shown in this photograph) is strongly discouraged.
German print of the 1727 Gibraltar Siege.jpg
Rock of Gibraltar - Race Horse.jpg
Augustin Ferrer Dalmau~ El Ultimo De Gibraltar~ Beautiful Painting Of The Rock Of Gibraltar
Gibraltar city and bay from the Rock of Gibraltar.jpg
Victoria Stadium (Gibraltar).jpg
Gibraltar Neutral Ground and Inundation.jpg
The new terminal at Gibraltar Airport.
The Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim Mosque was a gift from King Fahd of Saudi Arabia
Barbary pirate raids and wars with other European powers[edit]
One of the reservoirs constructed inside the Rock of Gibraltar
Camp Bay, Gibraltar. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Mediterranean Steps 2.jpg
Three—quarter view of the mostly intact skull of a Neanderthal female. "
A broad, tree-lined sguare with shops and cafés on the perimeter and tiers
Rocket Gibraltar
Spur Battery and Rock of Gibraltar.jpg
Pillars of Hercules from Mediterranean Sea: left the Jebel Musa, right the Rock of Gibraltar
Gibraltar Rock. Devils-slide-frombatespk.jpg
John Mackintosh Square entrance to the Gibraltar Parliament
Gibraltar 1704.jpg
Estrecho de Gibraltar
The Gibraltar national football team lining up in their first official match in 2013
Streets in Gibraltar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Construction and design[edit]
Gorham's Cave is a natural sea cave in the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar, considered
Inside a gallery on the Rock of Gibraltar, engraved by I.C. Stadler after Rev C. Willyams (c. 1800)
Map of Gibraltar by Jean-Denis Barbié du Bocage, annotated in French.
File:Blue Rock Thrush, Gibraltar.jpg
A Victorian post box of standard 1887 UK design in use in Gibraltar's Main Street (2008).
Hardy Town depicted on a 1799 map of Gibraltar (top of map; north is